About IFEJ

About IFEJ

The Institute of Financial and Economic Journalists (IFEJ) was formed in 1990 to help develop the skills of journalists in business and financial reporting. One of the objectives of the institute is to advance the study, development and application of improved financial and economic communication methods through appropriate hands-on approaches and platforms.

Over the past years, the Institute had lived up to this objective and positioned itself as an effective organisation that provides and promotes co-operation, common understanding and exchange of ideas in the field of economic and financial journalism.

This objective enabled members of the Institute to attend various workshops, seminars, roundtable discussions with captains of industry and commence as well as with government and non-governmental organisations on various aspects of the economy.

Many of such programmes have ignited and sustained the discourse on how the state could create the appropriate environment for the private sector to play its rightful role as the engine of economic growth and development.

The renewed aim of the Institute is therefore to expand such programmes to help it position itself as an advocacy group for the private sector in particular, and the economy as a whole.

As a non-governmental organisation, IFEJ programmes are supported by corporate Ghana, development financiers and sometimes the Ministry of Finance. With sponsorship from corporate bodies, IFEJ hopes to expand its educational and advocacy activities and programmes.

IFEJ has expanded its scope of activities to include the extractive industries in the areas of mining as well as the country’s oil and gas industry. The focal points under this area have been on environmental management, resettlement issues, revenue utilisation from the industry and local content implementation.

Over the past few years IFEJ with the support of GIZ has collaborated with the Petroleum Commission, Ghana Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative  (GHEITI) and the Public Interest and Accountability Committee (PIAC) to undertake various training programmes and visits to sites of  oil revenue funded projects.

Withith the support of GIZ IFEJ has been able to produce a 30 minute documentary on Ghana’s oil find which is on You tube – Ghana’s oil find, Turning the tide.