Bullet ‘abused my daughter’ – Ebony’s father alleges


Artiste manager Ricky Nana Agyemang, popularly known as Bullet, verbally abused the late songstress Ebony Reigns, her father has claimed. According to...

Artiste manager Ricky Nana Agyemang, popularly known as Bullet, verbally abused the late songstress Ebony Reigns, her father has claimed.

Ebony and Bullet

According to Nana Opoku Kwarteng, Bullet abused his late daughter more than twice, claiming he has audio evidence to back his accusation.

Ebony’s father and Bullet have recently been on a collision course, a situation that forced the Ruff Town records CEO to renounce his management of the late artiste Tuesday.

“Besides, verbally, I said it before, I have voices here that you will be amazed to hear. And I believe I wouldn’t be able to put that out, I wouldn’t do that,” Nana Kwarteng told TV3.

Ebony and her dad

He said the contract Ebony had with Bullet was no justification for him to disparage his daughter who died in a road crash last year while returning from her hometown in the Brong Ahafo Region.

“The contract never said the manager should use certain words like that on anybody like that. I didn’t see anything like that. He said words like ‘Kurasini’, ‘foolish girl’, and bad girl. There are a lot of other words, but I can’t say that because I am an elderly man”, Mr. Kwarteng noted.

Contractual Agreement

The late Ebony’s father disclosed that his late daughter told him about a contract that stated that Midas Touch takes 50% of her earnings, while Bullet takes part of the remaining 50% leaving just a meagre amount for Ebony.

According to him, Bullet confirmed that Midas Touch takes the percentage every six months and expected Bullet to open up about the contract but he never did.

He said the contract between his late daughter, Rufftown Records and Midas Touch is nothing to write home about.

Mr. Kwarteng said he was very concerned about it because he could not understand how his daughter should take just 40% of the money she made.

“Taking 50% of somebody’s toil and sweat is a big deal,” he said.

Mr. Kwarteng said after her daughter’s funeral, he requested for a copy of the contract which Bullet promised to provide but he never did, which he said made him suspect something fishy was going on.

In Nana Kwarteng’s estimation, there is no proof of the contract because his lawyer has several times requested for a copy about the agreement between the trio before his daughter died but never received it.

Further, the father claimed he got information that Bullet was taking proceeds from iTunes in the United Kingdom, which he (Mr Kwarteng) knew nothing about.

According to him, he is not interested in the money of his daughter because he is content with what he has.

“…It is not about money but the fact that it isn’t about money does not mean I would sit and watch as what is due Ebony go down the drain. So as a responsible father, I think I am doing what is expected of me,” he explained.

“The fact that my queen is not here does not mean I should not take responsibility and take care of what belongs to her,” he added.

Mr. Kwarteng also denied calling Bullet a cheat.

He said he has always liked Bullet though there are certain things about him that puts him off.

“As humans, we live to forget certain things, we live to grow as we get closer to our graves each passing second.”

Meanwhile, the late singer’s father revealed that he has already registered a foundation in his daughter’s name, and will give his absolute best to make his daughter’s dream a reality.

Source 3news/Ifejghana